10 New Call of Duty: Warzone Tips for 2021

10 New Call of Duty: Warzone Tips for 2021

10 New Call of Duty: Warzone Tips for 2021

2020 is over and just like COVID-19, Call of Duty: Warzone is just as frustrating as it was last year. Don’t get me wrong, it’s also a lot of fun which is why I can’t stop playing it but the plan was to start 2021 off a much better player than I used to be. Since that still hasn’t happened, however, I thought I’d kick off the new year with 10 new tips to use in my Call of Duty: Warzone strategy.

Tip #1 – You don’t have to shoot at every person you see

If you’re playing as a team, you need to plan as a team. I have a couple of gamers that I stream with who define their skills by the number of kills they get in a game – the infamous kills race. The need to run towards, shoot at and kill everyone they see regardless of the effect it has on the rest of the team.

If the strategy is to win, then the shots you take need to be strategic as well. Conserve ammo, stop telling the whole world where you’re located with bad, unnecessary gunfire. Who knows? You might even get more kills when you take smarter shots – as a team.

Tip #2 – Get better angles and positioning

Angles and positioning are essential to winning matches, especially to a player like me who may not be as responsive to other, more skilled and – dare I say – younger gamers. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to creep up the stairs, not realizing the enemy has a better angle and will see you first. In most cases, good cover, better angles and positioning should always take priority over chaotic shooting habits and racing your teammates to the kill. 

Need proof? How many times have you been killed by a team that hit you from all over the place? They were prepared. They had the angles and positions. You did not.

Tip #3 – Communication, Communication and…COMMUNICATION

10 New Call of Duty: Warzone Tips for 2021

This is the absolute #1 reason why I die most of the time. Team leader is too busy being gung-ho, Rambo instead of communicating to his team what they’re about to do or what the team should be doing together.

I can’t count the number of times I have started to loot an area only to look up and see that our assault guy has already moved to another location. Or when you get the position on a raiding squad only to die because somebody on the team decided to run away without telling the rest of us.

I should have looked at the map? Maybe, but a good team leader would have said, “MARINES – WE ARE LEAVING”. Good communication skills are vital to being an effective team leader. 

The solution is simple. If you can’t talk, stand back and put someone in charge who can.

Tip #4 – Use Stopping Power Rounds

Stopping power wins gun fights, even if you’ve been hit with a couple of rounds before you fire back. It happens to me all the time and I keep raging over how the hell this guy’s weapon was so much stronger than mine. Besides the fact that they were probably better than me anyways, they were usually loaded with stopping power rounds. 

And make sure you load them into your short range guns. Why? Stopping power increases recoil and it is much easier to control recoil when you are 10 meters away than when you are 30 meters away or more.

Tip #5 – Weapon swapping

Ever get into a gun fight inside a building with a sniper rifle in your hands? I have. More than once. Every environment has its own set of challenges and you need to be prepared for each of them.

Enter buildings or open doors with your best short range weapon in hand – preferably loaded with stopping power rounds. Swap or switch to your best medium to long range weapons as soon as you know the enemy is farther away or you’re perched in your favorite sniper hideout.

I know, sounds like everyone should already know this. Unfortunately, some of us need constant reminders (with both thumbs pointing at me).

Tip #6 – Changing angles during a gunfight

In Tip #2, we talked about better angles and positioning. That was for the setup. Here we are talking about during an actual gunfight. This takes practice. Whether you’re in the game or spectating while you’re waiting to be bought back, you might notice a spot that you can flank the enemy from without being detected. Moves like this can instantly destroy unsuspecting opponents and save your team while they keep the enemy distracted.

Just make sure you’re changing angles for the right reason – to help your team. Nothing is more frustrating than when the wrong player flanks for position, doesn’t communicate and sacrifices his team just to get more kills.

Despite what you think, more kills does not equate to a winning mentality.

Tip #7 – Don’t turtle or peak the same windows OVER and OVER again

Every time you shoot someone, you should move. Even if you down someone, unless you can kill them immediately, you should never stay still, waiting for the final kill. You don’t know if they’re reviving behind that rock. You also don’t know if his teammates are somewhere else, searching to kill you before you finish them off.

Reposition yourself. Go to a new window. Change levels. Stop being predictable. Staying still is a costly mistake. One that will get you killed or put your squad in a bad position because they’re constantly having to revive you and wasting their plates because you are too stubborn to lose that battle and MOVE. 

F*ck the battle, we’re trying to win the war.

Tip #8 – Use down players as bait – including your teammates

The idea of leaving your teammates to die just to survive or get the kill is selfish but that’s not what I am saying here. In the middle of a heated battle, especially when the enemy is close, trying to revive a fallen comrade will probably get both of you killed.

Revives take time. Time that you don’t really have when people are trying to kill you. Instead of running to the rescue on a whim, take the time to see where the enemy is at. Listen for their footsteps. Can you save them without dying or would it be better to change positions, let your opponents rush in to confirm the kill and destroy them all with a surprise attack of your own?

Don’t panic or get too excited either. A downed enemy can be used to lure their teammates out. A team wipe sounds way better than one confirmed kill. Just saying…

Tip #9 – End game looting

We’re talking about the very end. Like circle 5 and beyond. You need to be very tactical about the way you loot things at this point because the circles will be so small that everyone still alive will be close enough to everyone and everything else. They’re waiting for you to run out and loot.

DO NOT take unnecessary chances on last minute loot. If you don’t need the cash, extra ammo or armor, don’t put yourself at risk by picking things up out in the open. Being smart will get you closer to the victory than being greedy.

Tip #10 – Endgame position and cover

Notice that I said cover and not concealment. Cover is something you can’t be shot through. Concealment is something you can’t be seen behind but can still be shot through.

Plan for the last circle. Know what your high grounds are. Find the last building, group of trees or rocks. Make sure no one is already there and try to secure the position. The less moving you have to do in the end, the better your chances are of winning the game.

10 New Call of Duty: Warzone Tips for 2021

And there you have it. Before you ask, no, I did not create these tips as a way to single out anyone I play with. My goal is to improve my own skills. If anything, I am simply giving insight into the kind of player I want to become.

See you in the lobby!

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