3 Reasons Gamers Don't Stream with Viewers

3 Reasons Gamers Don’t Stream with Viewers

One of the biggest questions I get asked on a daily basis is DO I STREAM WITH VIEWERS? A lot of well known gamers don’t play with viewers but as messed up as that may sound, there are 3 really good reasons why.

3 Reasons Gamers Don’t Stream with Viewers

  1. Safety of the Stream – What most viewers don’t realize is that gamers are held accountable for all the content on their streams. Whether the content was created or intended by the gamer or not, they are responsible for anything bad that is said or done on their channel. It is much easier to control who they allow on their streams than to hope that whoever they play with online doesn’t say or do something that could get their accounts suspended.
  2. Playing Favorites – Why isn’t he playing with me? The more popular a gamer becomes, the harder it is to play with everyone who sends them a request. By making it a rule to not play with viewers, the gamer is choosing not to play favorites or disappoint their audience by making them feel unwanted.
  3. Great Content – In order for a game channel to grow, gamers have to create content that viewers want to watch. Since most viewers aren’t yet ready to perform in front of an audience, gamers will choose to play with other gamers who have more experience and will help provide their viewers with the best content possible.

3 Reasons Gamers Don't Stream with ViewersReally Good Reasons Gamers Don’t Stream with Viewers

Beyond acceptable, these are really good reasons for gamers not to stream with viewers. They may not be the only reasons but I didn’t create this post to defend gamers who don’t care.

I created this post because I do care about my audience and believe you deserve at least an explanation for the choices I make as a gamer.

Now, to answer the question – DO I STREAM WITH VIEWERS? Yes I do. However, because I also believe in the reasons that most gamers don’t stream with viewers, I had to create a process.

In order to stream with me (MikeRock) or my sons online, viewers must:

  • Follow Game Spartans, JrBonner or Cpt Caustic on Facebook Gaming
  • Submit a request to mikerock@gamespartans.com. Further instructions will be sent.
  • Play – offline – with the gamer you want to stream with for a minimum of 4 hours
  • Agree to keep the content friendly. That means no bullying, hate speech, foul language or derogatory comments meant to insult or hurt other people. *Gamer Rage is acceptable.
  • Be able to take a joke. I DO NOT HAVE A FILTER sometimes but it is never my intention to offend someone.

Please believe, these requirements have nothing to do with me as a person. I created this list because I love the idea of making new friends with viewers who follow and watch my channel. However, I still have a channel to protect and grow.

Feel free to join us!