Affinity Photo is the Best Photoshop Alternative

Affinity Photo is the Best Photoshop Alternative on the Planet

Affinity Photo is the Best Photoshop Alternative on the Planet

When I say the best Photoshop Alternative, I mean the type of side-by-side, kick a*s competition that we all wish Cox Communications (on the west coast) had with cable and internet.

Did that get your attention?

I’m not going to waste your time with tech specs. Everything you need to know about Affinity Photo is right HERE. What I’m going to do instead, is share my non-professional experience and tell you why Affinity Photo is officially the only photo editing software for Windows that I will ever need or use in this lifetime – EVER!

For over 10 years now, I’ve been doing work in some capacity as a digital marketer. I have built websites, created banner ads for clients and did just enough touch up work to NEED some type of photo editing software on a regular basis. At the time, nothing compared to Adobe Photoshop. The interface was user friendly and unlike it’s competitors, it always got the job done. It was an amazing program – still is. In fact, I actually have nothing bad to say about Photoshop. My problem isn’t with the software or even their customer service. My problem is with the company itself. Adobe got greedy.

With almost every upgrade, Adobe found ways to raise the price. Don’t get me wrong, they were always pretty expensive and yes, I understand the concept of supply vs demand, but there’s a really big difference between charging what you’re worth and charging what you can. 

Adobe Doesn’t Care About the Little Guys

Truth be told, I’m not even mad at them. This isn’t a smear campaign. Business is business, right? If you can afford $9.99 a month or $52.99 a month for all the Adobe apps without blinking an eye, you’re in very good company and more power to you. The problem for us little guys is that $9.99 a month adds up very quickly. Everything that is worth anything in the business world is set up for monthly subscriptions and depending on what your business needs, $9.99 can turn into $300 a month from one moment to the next.

It’s a business model that takes advantage of and doesn’t care about the little guys. Eliminate the competition and the world is your oyster. Charge whatever you want and the people will pay. Why? Because they have no choice. Until recently, there was no comparable option and again, I can’t be mad at you. This isn’t even about you Adobe. I’m here for the little guys. I’m here to let them know that the competition – an amazing and comparable option – has finally arrived.

Affinity Photo is the Best Photoshop Alternative on the Planet

Affinity Photo InterfaceI’m not here to argue details. I honestly can’t tell you whether Adobe Photoshop is the better program for photographers or not. I’m not a photographer. I’m one of the little guys. I used Photoshop for tasks like photo cropping, minor image manipulations, resizing and business cards. Nothing I did or how often I used the software justified how much I was paying for Adobe.

Not only does Affinity Photo take care of my daily tasks and needs for digital marketing, I was so amazed by how well the software performed and how affordable it was that I purchased an Affinity Photo Workbook and online course for my 12 and 14 year old sons. So far, they are in love with everything they’re learning and I haven’t heard one complaint about how hard it was to use the program.

For me, the learning curve from Adobe to Affinity was barely noticeable. Some of the icons look a little different but the interface, or dashboard is both beautiful and easy to navigate. If you have used Photoshop in the past, you’ll have no problems adjusting to Affinity Photo. If you’re new to photo editing software, however, and have never worked with Photoshop before, Affinity Photo offers plenty of free video tutorials to help you get started.

Affinity Photo is for real guys. I haven’t found a single thing that Adobe can do that Affinity can’t. And if there is, the ultimate question becomes, what’s more important to you? The one thing it can’t do or the price you pay?

Adobe is $9.99 a month. Affinity Photo is a one-time fee of $49.99. It’s actually 50% off right now too – so $24.99. No monthly fees and free updates. They also have a FREE TRIAL so you don’t have to take my word for anything.

In closing and for the record, please know that I am not getting paid by Affinity Photo to write this review. They are an amazing company, with an amazing program that little guys like me can appreciate. All I’m doing is helping out and spreading the love. Because of Affinity Photo, my sons are on their way to becoming graphic designers and my work doesn’t suffer because I refuse to pay for Adobe Photoshop.

Feel free to comment. If you need help or have any questions, please feel free to message me here or on Twitter – @GameSpartns