Facebook Gaming is Taking Over for Mixer

Facebook Gaming is Taking Over for Mixer

So, it’s official. Microsoft has announced that it will be closing the doors to Mixer and, in a surprising, all of a sudden partnership, will start redirecting Mixer’s website to Facebook Gaming on July 22nd, 2020.

Facebook Gaming is Taking Over for Mixer

Facebook Gaming is Taking Over for MixerMixer streamers are upset and distraught. Most of them got the news through Twitter or their own live streams. They trusted Microsoft. They built their channels and livelihoods with a company that turned their backs, shattered their dreams and forced them to start over.

In an interview with the Verge, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of gaming, stated that Mixer started pretty far behind the other big players and that he believes the Mixer community will really benefit from the broad audience that Facebook Gaming has and their ability to reach gamers in a more seamless way through their social platform.

At the end of the day, Microsoft made a business decision that was good for Microsoft. Yes, they made a decent effort to transition streamers over to the Facebook platform.

  • Partners on Mixer will be granted partner status with Facebook Gaming.
  • Anyone using the Mixer monetization program will be eligible for Facebook’s Level Up program.
  • Mixer viewers with outstanding balances or subscriptions will receive Xbox gift card credit.

What really mattered here, however, was the growing appeal to Microsoft’s upcoming xCloud game streaming service and their own future gaming efforts – not the streamers.

Why I chose Facebook Gaming Over Mixer

Personally, I like Facebook Gaming. Unlike Mixer, their streaming service began with an existing network with billions of potential viewers. And because it’s fairly new, like my channel, Facebook Gaming offered the best and fastest opportunity for success. As a result, Game Spartans is in a much better position than it would have been on Twitch but like I said, I’m just getting started.

I didn’t have a successful channel that was suddenly and unexpectedly ripped out from under me. I don’t have to start over like Mixer streamers do. Facebook Gaming is taking over whether they like it or not and the Mixer community is not very happy with the way things have turned out.

Please, share your thoughts. Has the Mixer shutdown affected you or someone you know? Do you plan to join Facebook Gaming now or will you rebel to what has effectively become known as the Twitchover?

Voice your concerns and let us know how you feel…