Game Streaming Starter Kit

Game Streaming Starter Kit and Basic Setup

This is the same game streaming starter kit that I used to get my own gaming channel started. It is not the best equipment that you can own but will do the job you need and is very affordable.

Depending on your setup, you may not need every piece of equipment that is listed. You may also have other equipment that you already own or would prefer to buy in the beginning. Whatever choices you make, just make sure that the equipment is compatible with each other so that you are not wasting money and devices you can’t use.


1. Computer

I own an HP Pavilion with an i7 processor. It does the job but it was something that I used because I already owned it at the time I put my gaming channel together. You will have to choose a computer for yourself.

If you plan to stream games from your computer, it is highly recommended that you use an i7 processor or better. If you plan to stream games from your console – Xbox or Playstation – it is highly recommended that you use an i5 processor or better. However, if you already own an i3 computer, it might just do the job with your console since the console will be using it’s own processor.

My sons use an i3 – for now.

2. Console

The only thing I need to add here is that yes, you can stream to certain gaming platforms, like Twitch, directly from your console. If that is all you can do at this time, than do it. However, streaming directly from your console doesn’t allow you to use any of the professional tools that many gamers build and grow their channels with, i.e., channel themes, gaming alerts, etc.

Always do what you can with what you have but if you are going to stream from your console, I would immediately make plans to buy the equipment you need so that you can eventually stream through your computer.

Game Streaming Starter Kit

Game Streaming Starter Kit will Save You Money

Comparable kits with the more expensive and highly advertised products would cost you somewhere in the range of $600 or better. This game streaming starter kit will cost you about $200 – not including the computer and/or console.

This is just a basic setup, however. It is designed to be affordable without losing too much on the side of quality. You will want to upgrade your system or add to it over time but this game streaming starter kit is more than enough to help you get started.

And as always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message –


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