Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses

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Videogamers, are you looking for an affordable pair of gaming glasses that look good, feel good and will let you play for hours without straining those precious eyeballs of yours?

Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses

Gaoye Blue Light Gaming GlassesThe Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses are available through Amazon and provide gamers with a nice looking and incredibly affordable way to ease digital eye strain and discomfort from watching your computer screen, mobile phone or tablet.

For $14.99, Gaoye actually gives you not 1, not 2 but 5 pairs of blue light blocking glasses. I repeat – 5 PAIRS. The average price for 1 pair of gaming glasses is $10.00 on the low end and between $25 and $100 on the upper end. Gaoye gives you 5 for $14.99.

So the obvious question then is, how do they compare to the more expensive brands? Since these are my first pair of blue blockers, the honest answer is, I don’t know. What I can tell you first is that they work.

Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses

I did the blue light test with my sons – a testing kit comes inside the Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses package. We put the harmful blue light laser on the testing card without the glasses where we saw the blue light and then we beamed the laser through the gaming glasses and onto the testing card – NO BLUE LIGHT. That means that no blue light made it through the glasses which also means your eyes are being protected when you’re reading, playing videogames, watching Youtube and doing homework.

Doing homework? Yes, because if you don’t do your homework, I will tie you down and shine this blue light directly into your retinas.

And now that we know the glasses work, how do they look and feel? While I don’t think these glasses will win any fashion contests in the near to distant future, I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear a pair in public either. They make me look smart, almost like a professional. I said almost.

The sturdy resin black frames are lightweight and comfortable on my face and well, they fit. The frame hinges are spring loaded and that’s a pretty big deal to someone like me since most glasses have a tendency to look smaller on my larger than usual sized head. And not only do they fit, I played with the Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses for a couple of hours straight. I didn’t feel tired from the eye strain of playing too long and they still felt very comfortable on my face.

Are the Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses Worth it?

In conclusion, the Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses are sturdy, lightweight and comfortable to wear, even after wearing them for longer periods of time. They have a nice modern look and fit normal to larger sized heads. They are exactly what you want from a pair of reading or gaming glasses designed to protect you and your kids (if you have them) from long term, blue light exposure.

And let’s not forget, you get 5 pairs for $14.99. That’s $3 a pair. An impossible bargain to pass up, especially for a dad with Game Spartans like mine.

Are the Gaoye Blue Light Gaming Glasses worth it? Do I recommend them? The answer is ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY!

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