Godzilla Vs Kong Movie Trailer

Godzilla vs Kong Movie is ALMOST HERE

Godzilla vs Kong Movie – The Wait is Almost Over

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Am I the only who is super excited about this movie?

Godzilla vs Kong is one of the most classic “who would win in a fight” matchups on movie wish lists today – even before I was born and trust me when I say, that was a long, long time ago.

Godzilla Vs Kong Movie

The first Godzilla vs King Kong movie I ever saw was the one where Godzilla killed Kong. As much as I liked Godzilla, I was pulling for King Kong to pull off the upset not realizing, as a kid, that there was no way in hell (back then) that King Kong would destroy Godzilla in a Japanese based version of the rivalry.

Godzilla, or Gojira, belonged to Japan. King Kong belonged to America and since the first movie was made Godzilla’s creators…you get the picture.

When I first heard about the Godzilla vs Kong crossover, I was really nervous about which version of the story they would tell. To be honest, I still am, kinda. The moment I saw the connection between Kong and that little girl – in the trailer – I knew that King Kong would be the hero. Godzilla came in, destroying battleships and scorching humans for absolutely nothing and I was like, “OMG, this is a f*cking KONG movie”!

A dream come true for the genre. But wait…

As the trailer kept playing, I started to see a different story unfold. King Kong was fighting other monsters. A group of scientists (or whoever) were trying to figure out what was wrong with or provoking Godzilla to go so ballistic.

It immediately reminded me of the horrific “Batman vs Superman” movie where Batman thought Superman needed to die, the two of them fought but then became partners to defeat the greater or actual evil…

Godzilla vs Kong Movie – My Prediction

I could be wrong but it seems pretty obvious that both Kong and Godzilla will end up being heroes by the end of the movie. When the battle is over, Godzilla will look at the carnage that he and Kong created, puff out his chest and retreat into the ocean. We will see it as a heroes send off and cheer when in reality, Godzilla just decided that there wasn’t enough of us to start a barbeque and went searching for a greater meal – because he’s hungry.

Kong on the other hand still kind of scares me. He will definitely be the hero but will he die trying to save the day?

We shall see…

Watch one of the original Godzilla vs King Kong movies todayhttps://amzn.to/3iQPl8N