Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay on the Xbox One X

Having Fun with Minecraft Dungeons on the Xbox One X

Playing Minecraft Dungeons

Playing Minecraft Dungeons and testing out some new toys.

Posted by Game Spartans on Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Having Fun with Minecraft Dungeons on the Xbox One X

I’ve been so busy with GameSpartans.com and helping my kids with their Instagram that haven’t had time to stream. Not that I have any followers right now but hey, we all have to start somewhere, right?

Minecraft Dungeons Gameplay on Xbox One XAnyways, to get back into the swing of things, I decided to play the new Minecraft Dungeons on my Xbox One while testing out some new equipment – the MPow EG3 Pro Gaming Headsets and a Jounivo USB Microphone – I bought from Amazon. I was also trying to practice my social skills and talk more about Game Spartans while gaming but all of that went to sh*t with an unexpected but very pleasant guest appearance, lol.

It’s funny too. I had just mentioned how my daugther – Grape Savage – should have been the one to test out Minecraft Dungeons when low and behold, the princess comes out of nowhere and takes over the entire broadcast. She tends to have that affect on me, of course, and I have no problem letting her share or even steal the spotlight.

Minecraft Dungeons is officially her new favorite game. For the day, lol. She started off by saying how fun it was and loved that she recognized so many enemies from the original Minecraft game. She also achieved her first milestone by completing her first official game level – level 2, ever. After that though, everything slowed down. It was almost time for dinner and level 3 was a little harder so she started losing interest out of frustration.

Minecraft Dungeons on the Xbox One X – So Far So Good

We’re going to try and do an official review in a couple of days but even if I don’t personally like the game (yes, I’ll try and keep an open mind), it’s probably going to get a really high rating simply because my daughter loves it.

And that’s what matters most!