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Instagram Quickstart – Your Guide to 1000 Followers

Instagram Quickstart – Your Guide to 1000 Followers

When I first started digital marketing, things were extremely different than they are now. Social media was barely a thing and it was super easy to grow your profile or channel when everything – Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram (for example) – was in it’s beginning stages.

Back then, the formula for success was

Basic Content + Followers = Sales

All you had to do was throw up cool images, offer discounts, follow as many people as you could each day and wait for them to follow you back. It didn’t even matter if the followers were real. What mattered then was how many followers you had, real or not. The more you had, the more popular you were. The more popular you were, the more money you made.

It was an easy process that got great results.

Since then, the landscape for social media and Instagram specifically has changed dramatically and with it, so has the formula for success. To be successful, popularity is no longer based simply on how many followers you have. Today, the formula for Instagram success is

Relevant Content + Followers + Engagement = Sales

Moving forward, we’ll be working together to create an entire, long-term strategy on relevant content and how to engage your followers across multiple social platforms. This guide, however, is dedicated to help you start and grow the followers you need through Instagram.

Instagram Quickstart – Your Guide to 1000 Followers

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