Tyler Ninja Blevins Streams Fortnite on Youtube

Ninja Siting – Tyler Blevins Streams Fortnite on Youtube

Tyler Blevins, aka Ninja, Streams Fortnite on Youtube and is already beating his numbers on Mixer

All I have to say is…GOOD FOR HIM! And I mean that. As an aspiring streamer, I’m not caught up in all the hype and drama surrounding him, his departure from Mixer or the Twitter feud he and his wife were recently involved in – I said I’m not caught up in it. I never said I wasn’t aware that it existed. I was genuinely glad to see that Ninja was moving forward.

Tyler Ninja Blevins Streams Fortnite on YoutubeI have to admit, I was completely shocked when Ninja and Shroud rejected $60 million and $20 million offers to join Facebook Gaming. And since I’m on Facebook Gaming, I would love to hear an interview or explanation some day for why they turned the money down. The exciting part for me, however, was that Ninja had decided to take matters into his own hands and seeing him on Youtube was even more exciting. Why? Because, as an aspiring streamer, I get to watch greatness at work.

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Watching Ninja stream is always fun. But, in this case, I’m way more interested in seeing how he works. While his fan base is still there, Ninja is kinda, sorta starting over from scratch. Where does he go? What will his business strategy be? How will he market himself? As an aspiring streamer, I’m dying to know how greatness works and plan to watch every new move he makes. Did I just put myself on stalker status?

Tyler Blevins – Ninja – was Recently Streaming Fortnite on Youtube

Congratulations Mr. Blevins! I’m really looking forward to seeing your channel(s) grow from here and I hope you don’t mind if I take a few notes in the process.

P.S. – I’m 100% certain that Youtube and Fortnite is jumping for joy as we speak…