There is a Bonafide Stalker Among Us

There is a Bonafide Stalker Among Us – on Game Spartans

There is a Bonafide Stalker Among Us

Let’s start this off with the obvious – I am a 46 year old man who is too old to have a stalker. And yet I do.

When I first built my gaming channel, I wanted to prove to other gamers that it was possible to interact and play with our viewers. I would sit in Discord, play a few games by myself and wait for people to join me.

For the most part, it worked. We had fun. I have made a lot of cool friends in the process and would like to believe that my page has grown as direct result of making the decision to include people.

But this ONE guy? Let’s just call him Trinidad…

Trinidad connected with me through the comments section on my stream. He seemed pretty cool so I thought it would be ok to play Call of Duty: Warzone together online – a HUGE, INSTANT and DRASTIC MISTAKE!

For starters, Trinidad’s English was very broken. I didn’t have a problem with that, however, until he decided to take over the stream with conversations that nobody who watched my channel could understand. He still seemed like a good guy though and I thought, maybe with a little direction, we could help him become a fun and supportive part of the team.


No matter what I did or how hard I tried, the more comfortable Trinidad got, the more overwhelming and obnoxious he became on my stream. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems taking the back seat on conversations that still provide good content but tuning into my stream became the equivalent of watching an old school martial arts movie with no sub titles. What the hell is going on?

I finally decided that I could probably still play with Trinidad. I just couldn’t allow him to stream with me anymore. Notice that I didn’t say “invite” him to stream either. There was no inviting this guy. He was always there, waiting for me to get online so that he’d be the first one available to stream.

The signs that a stalker was “Among Us” were there but I failed to diagnose the situation because, I mean, come on, who would want to stalk ole MikeRock?

By this time, even the other gamers I played with were concerned. Some of them found reasons not to join us while others were a little more direct and asked, “What’s with this guy?” I had no answer. And then, one night, about 8:05pm, the clues became more apparent.

At the end of one of my 10am streams, I told the viewers that I had planned to be on at 8pm that evening too. I had dinner with my family, cleaned the kitchen and was setting up to stream again when my phone started ringing. It was 5 minutes past the time I was supposed to be online and the call wasn’t coming from my cell phone carrier – It was coming from Facebook.

It was Vi…I mean, Trinidad!

Bro, WTF! Why are you calling my house? I refused to answer the call. And then it rang again. I kept setting up to stream. The call ended…but then it rang again. My f*cking phone rang about 9 times before he finally gave up but as soon as I got on stream, guess who was there, waiting to join the party?


This guy was violating every “respect the privacy of others” rule that I could think of and I was beyond irritated with the situation. Out of consideration for the rest of my viewers, however, I did my best not to say anything to him on stream and tried to ignore him altogether. He wasn’t getting the hint. He kept going and going and going.

MIKE…MIKE..MIKE! Why are you ignoring me? Why can’t I play? What’s going on? All of this was happening on stream so I finally did what I should have done awhile back – I BLOCKED HIM. I had officially blocked my first viewer ever. He deserved it. Earned it. Problem solved – or so I thought!

There is a Bonafide Stalker Among Us – AGAIN

Fast forward to about 2 months later – last Tuesday or Wednesday. I’m playing with my good friends, aka Team Garbage, pronounced Gar-Bahj, on stream when I get a new and surprising message in the comments section. “Mike, Jay is taking over your stream because his mic is louder and yours is so low (or something like that).”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. How many hints does a person need? YOU ARE NO LONGER WELCOME HERE. I told my boy Greg to check my comments section. He couldn’t believe it either. I was tired of it. I said, out loud, that I thought I had banned him and he must have created another account. Trinidad responded in the comments section with “same account” and “you didn’t ban sh*t, fool.” I immediately lost all control of my body and got thoroughly possessed by the ghetto in me.

“Look DUMB ASS…I went off. Without going into details, I ended the conversation about being grown ass men who need to respect boundaries and ever so politely (not really) told him to get “THE FUX OFF MY CHANNEL.” I blocked Trinidad from the stream and my page, which I apparently didn’t do right the first time but…

Problem solved – or so I thought…again!

Last night, this lady joins and likes my stream. In the comment section, she says that she tried to watch my channel a couple of nights ago but that I was really going off on someone so she left the stream because her kid was with her. I apologized for my behavior and explained that what she had witnessed was not normal behavior for me or the people I play with.

She said ok and asked why I went off on the guy. I called him the stalker that he was and explained what he had done to finally push my buttons. She said ok again and started to talk about how much her son loved and played Call of Duty too.

We talked for a little bit more and then she said good night. Cool.

This morning, as I was going through last night’s stream, I saw her end of the conversation again and suddenly thought it was a bit strange that someone would just jump in, ask questions about Trinidad of all people and jump out as soon as we were done. Add that with the fact that I recently discovered and banned a group of fake profiles who were being very vulgar in two of my past streams, I clicked on her profile to see who she was, scrolled down a couple of pictures and saw her all hugged up on…


Look, I am flattered and even honored that people are entertained by and enjoy my gaming channel. I do my best to get along with as many people as possible but the simple truth is, it doesn’t always happen. And that’s ok. It’s not something to be angry about. It just is what it is.

Accept it. Move forward and for God’s sake…


I can’t believe I even needed to say that.

Trinidad, you’re a grown ass man. Stop stalking another grown ass man. To everyone else, please be safe and get help from the Trinidads in your own life.