Webcam Overlay Frame Free Download

Webcam Overlay Frame Free Download and Instructions

Webcam Overlay Frame Free Download

Here is a free and easy webcam overlay that you can use to customize your Facebook Gaming, Youtube, Mixer or Twitch channels. To get the download link, just follow us on Facebook or Twitter and it’s yours.

Below the webcam overlay file, I have included links to the font I used for the main title, gamertag and follow us sections. Please make sure the font is installed before you open the webcam overlay in your photo editing software.

Download Link:

Customizing Instructions for Webcam Overlay Frame Free Download:

  1. Download the Webcam Overlay and Big Noodle Titling font files in the links above.
  2. Install the Big Noodle Titling font file.Webcam Overlay Frame Free Download - Screenshot
  3. Open the Webcam Overlay file in your favorite photo editing software.
  4. In your layers section, click the drop down menu icon on the left side of the layer “Webcam”.
  5. Click the drop down menu icon for “Text”.
  6. Edit and Resize the “Game Spartans”, “MikeRock” and “Follow Us” sections to suit your needs.
  7. Replace the Game Spartan logo with your personal brand.
  8. Click and remove the check inside the box on the right side of layers “Black Webcam Background” and “BG”.
  9. Save file.
  10. Export file as a .png
  11. Upload file to your preferred streaming software.
  12. Adjust settings for your gaming channel and enjoy!

If you have any questions or need further help customizing your webcam overlay, please feel free to send me a message at

I’d also like to give credit to the original creator for the template I used to create the Game Spartans webcam overlay.  My intention is never to steal from the hard work of others but to share the tools I use to build my own gaming channel and business.

So, thank you to FezoDesigns. We appreciate you!