Next Gen Console Wars - Xbox Series X vs PS5

Xbox Series X vs PS5 – Who’s Winning the Next Gen Console War?

Who’s Winning the Next Gen Console War Between Xbox Series X and PS5

Is it just me or does the war for best next gen console seem way too quiet right now? Both Xbox Series X and PS5 are scheduled to be released later this year but for the life of me, I still have no idea what the PS5 is even supposed to look like.

For better or worse, Microsoft Xbox has been my favorite game console since the original got released in 2001. MikeRock is an original gamertag. No numbers. No underscores. Just MikeRock. I am completely biased when it comes to game console preferences but, at least for now and in my unbiased opinion, the clear winner is the Xbox Series X – hands down and here’s why?

What do we know about the PS5?

Besides a cool looking controller and a classified marketing strategy that looks like something put together by the Avengers and Marvel Comics franchise, tell me what we know about the PS5?

Go ahead, I’ll wait…

From everything I’ve seen so far, Sony seems to be depending entirely on console exclusives and it’s past success with the PS4 to convince the world why the PS5 is going to be the best next gen console.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has been sharing a whole lot of information about the Xbox Series X and it’s plan to become the T-Mobile network of video game systems. In addition to a beautiful, unique and powerful machine…

Here are 3 HUGE reasons why Xbox Series X could be the next gen console to beat vs PS5

1. Smart Delivery Tags

Next Gen Console Wars - Xbox Series X vs PS5For about as long as they plan to support the Xbox One after the Xbox Series X is released, Microsoft has also guaranteed that all Xbox exclusive games will be made for both systems – for one price. Also, any third-party game that gets released with the “Smart Delivery” tag will have the same guarantee. That way, Xbox One owners don’t have to be afraid to buy new games for their older systems. They’ll be waiting for you when you upgrade.

No backwards compatibility necessary.

2. Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate

This has to be the best Netflix style game service already. For a small monthly fee, users get access to a catalog of over 100 video games that is being updated on a weekly and monthly basis. Microsoft has announced that Game Pass will continue to grow with Xbox Series X. For only $14.99 a month, Xbox Live Gold comes with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and will include access to games for Xbox, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Say what?

3. Microsoft All Access for Xbox Consoles

I didn’t even know this was a thing. With Xbox All Access, players can get a brand new Xbox One the same way you would buy a smart phone, with no up-front cost and a monthly payment plan. For $20-25 a month, you not only get a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X, you also get 2 FREE years of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate AND, after 18 months, you can trade your old gen system in for a next gen console.

There isn’t much information on what the All Access program would cost for an Xbox Series X but Microsoft has, in their own words, announced that they plan to “GO BIG” with All Access for the Xbox Series X. Lol, I have no idea what that means exactly but I’m excited somehow.

Oh yeah, I’m still waiting for you to tell me what we know about the PS5.

Yes, I am absolutely biased when it comes to Xbox over Sony Playstation and if it seems like I’ve spent this entire post promoting and talking up the Xbox Series X, you would be right. But whose fault is that? My fault for being an Xbox fan or Sony’s fault for not providing us with enough information. Without a doubt, Sony Playstation 4 outsold the Xbox One worldwide. They won that battle.

Time for the “Next” Gen Console – Xbox Series X.